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Computer Freedom, Free Software & Privacy

The film, funded with a grant from the FSF, explores the case of software patents, the history of judicial activism that led to their rise, and the harm being done to software developers and the wider economy. The film is based on a series of interviews conducted during the Supreme Court's review of *in re Bilski*, a case that could have profound implications for the patenting of software.
The Code (2001)
Through this film, Linux is traced from its early days as a hobby project of Linus Torvalds's, through its rapid rise in popularity and number of users, to the dot-com boom and bust, and beyond. The differing ideologies of Richard "GNU" Stallman and Eric "Open Source" Raymond are also explored. Anybody who has been following Linux for very long, reading websites like Slashdot and Eric Raymond's "Cathedral and the Bazaar" essay will probably already know most this. However, for those people, the film does offer a chance to see and hear these Linux icons talk--putting faces and voices to people who might otherwise have been just words on a screen.
"Freenet is free software which lets you publish and obtain information on the Internet without fear of censorship.". This is a presentation of the future of Freenet by developers Ian Clarke and Oskar Sandberg at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin December 2005.
Free Software is not about price. It is about Freedom. Richard Stallman started the Free Software movement, and is probably the biggest computer hero in modern times. He is probably the single most important reason for the GNU/Linux OS being what it is today. Richard Stallman explains why computer freedom - and freedom in general - is important, and the difference between "open source" and free software.
Richard Stallman at Linköping University in Sweden

GNU/Linux distributions

Polippix is a privacy/encryption demonstration distribution by "IT politisk forening" (Danish for The IT Political Society). It is based on the Knoppix live-cd GNU/Linux distribution and includes security software such as Tor.

Tor (traffic-analysis resistant security & anonymity network)

Tor is a computer network security program which allows you to access and publish websites anonymously on the Internet. This is a presentation of Tor and Tor Location Hidden Services at What The Hack July 2005.
Tor is a network security tool which provides many excellent security properties such as traffic analysis resistance, anonymity - and other nice properties. This video focuses on the censorship-resistant properties on Tor, and what is planned for Tor to make it more censorship-resistance in the future.

Voting machines

Voting Fraud Demonstration Video - And research paper. Abstract: This paper presents a fully independent security study of a Diebold AccuVote-TS voting machine, including its hardware and software.
A HBO documentary about election hijacking in the US and Diebold voting machines.

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