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Point 1: What is the Torrent Channel?

The Torrent Channel is a video on demand service that allows you to download video files and view them on your computer or on a television set connected to your computer.

The Torrent Channel allows you to download the video files and store them on your computer, so you can share them with your friends. This also allows you to play them using the player program and operating system of your choice.

Point 2: Requirements for downloading video files

You need a BitTorrent program

BitTornado is a nice torrent downloader
for OSX, GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows.

You need to install a BitTorrent downloader program to download the video files. BitTorrent is a open standard file transfer protocol, so you can choose the downloader of your preference from a huge variety of programs.

Most BitTorrent programs are free, open software. Be aware that non-free non-open BitTorrent programs do not allow you to look at the source code. Access to the source code is very important because it allows you to verify that the program code is free of spywave and other evil. You should choose free, open source software even if you are not a programmer because it ensures that thousands of individuals who have programming skills will look at the source code, check it and improve it.

Good Free Open-Source Software BitTorrent-downloader programs:

  • Azureus - Java-based (OSX, GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows)
  • Bittornado - Python-based (OSX, GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows)
  • Another Bittorrent Client (GNU/Linux, Windows)
  • Transmission (Mac OS X, Linux/NetBSD/FreeBSD/OpenBSD and BeOS)
  • rtorrent Cli,light, very efficient. This is the client used by The TorrentChannel for seeding. (GNU/Linux, BSD)

rtorrent is a very efficient and very nice CLI client

Point 3: Requirements for enjoying the video files

Point 3.1: A video player

You need a video player program to view the video files available at this website.

Point 3.1.1: GNU Operating system (Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD) users

Users of the GNU Operating system can use these players:

Point 3.1.2: Windows users

Users who prefer to give NSA back-door access to their computers and therefore use the Windows operating system (How NSA access was built into Windows - cached) can play the video files using these players:

Windows users have reported problems playing some of the video files using some crappy media player that comes bundled with that OS. Both VideoLan and Mplayer plays all video files available here and highly likely all other video files in existence. They are both free, open-source software.

Point 3.1.3: Mac OS X, Solaris and QNX users

Use VideoLan. Not only does it play virtually all video formats, it also works on virtually all operating systems.

Point 3.2: A sound card.

You need a sound card installed in your computer to enjoy the video files. The sound card should be connected to a stereo or your television set.

Point 3.3: A computer monitor, TV-out card and television or projector

You need a TV-out card to connect your computer to your TV. You can, alternatively, view the video files on your computer monitor.

Point 3.4: An open and very discerning mind

Each person who views the videos available from this website needs that rare quality called an open mind. This website provides information that goes against everything the establishment, government and predominant media would have people believe. There is more to reality than what you are being presented by the establishment.

Please look at the facts and attempt to verify if they are true or false before laying judgment on them.

The laws of physics and your own common sense are good ways to determine if it is the government story or alternative story that is most likely the true version of the events you are considering. You will be unable to make such considerations if you close-mindedly reject information without having looked at it, questioned it and carefully considered it.

  • How can you come to definite conclusions about anything without even looking at it and researched it?

Open and closed mind

Point 3.4.1: Discerning mind

Each person who views any kind of information from this, similar, mainstream and any other kind of websites for that matter need a very discerning mind.

You need to question and think about all the information presented in the video files at this website.

Point 3.4.2: Ability to do your own research

The video files on this website will only introduce you to the various hidden parts of reality. You will have to do your own searches on the Internet to get the full picture.

You have to actively research the information presented here, and everywhere else for that matter, in order to get the full picture.

Passive receiver

Many people today frequently dismiss information without questioning it, without considering it and in many cases without even looking at it.

  • How can you come to definite conclusions about something without even looking at it?
  • How can you judge information without doing research and without reading further about it?
  • Do you want to be a passive receiver or an active participant?

The TorrentChannel allows you to view some of the huge amounts of evidence and information that are ignored, glossed over or plainly censured by government and corporate media. It is up to you to question it, think about it, consider it and more importantly, research and get more information regarding the facts presented.

Point 4: Requirements for enjoying life after viewing the video files at this website

You are wonderful.

You have great abilities.

Let go of all fear. There is nothing you need to be afraid of.

Sit down in a quiet place and relax and look deep within yourself and ask yourself what kind of life you really want.

Make your own choices and make sure they are truly yours, not dictated to you by television, radio, the school system and ignorant mind-controlled people.

Focus on the things you like and things who make you happy.

And remember to play. Have fun!

You really can choose true freedom.

Thank you for using the Torrent Channel!

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." -Buddha (563BC-483BC)

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